2021 Middle School Summer Program

Dear Parents:


We have been overwhelmed with the unprecedented demand for our summer program for primary aged students. We greatly value the interest in our classes and thank you for your continued support.


We would like to take the opportunity to clarify a number of points in relation to feedback we have received from parents since registration began on 14 April.


The summer program is open to all:

CCE’s summer program is a four-week program open to students from different schools in Macau, aiming to allow students to improve their English comprehension and fluency through participating in different activities. The targeted students for the summer program are those entering Primary One to Primary Six across Macau, and we follow a first-registered, first-served basis when it comes to enrolment. No priority is given to admitting students from School of the Nations. Everyone is given an equal chance to join.


Lack of clarity about the start of registration:

This year, registration for the primary program opened on 14 April. The announcement of registration was made on our CCE website as well as the School of the Nations’ website and its Facebook page. We apologize to all those who did not feel that they got a fair chance to register because they were expecting the announcement to be made more widely, including on CCE’s WeChat moments. We also apologize to School of the Nations parents, who, although awaiting an announcement about the registration process did not receive any communication from school sources about the process of enrollment. We will learn from these mistakes for next year.


Our program has been well loved by parents and students over the years. As you can imagine, this year, due to the pandemic, we have received unprecedented demand for the program compared to previous years. Once registration was opened, we filled the 140 seats available in less than 3 hours—a record speed for filling our spots. We hope you can understand the difficulty in turning parents away due to limitations of space and resources, and we hope that in the future, as resources allow we will be able to expand the reach of our program. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.


Parents who enrolled last year and received a full refund and were unable to register this year:

Due to the epidemic situation last year, the originally arranged summer program for Grade One Primary students could not go ahead as planned because of DSEDJ regulations. We were transparent about the reason for the cancellation and explained to parents that they would get a full refund. Because of the inconvenience caused to parents, we provided a voucher for those who would apply this year so that those who were able to enroll could receive a discount of 500 MOP. The voucher did not guarantee a place for the current 2021 summer program, and this was clearly stated on the Terms and Conditions on the voucher.  Nevertheless, we can understand the disappointment felt by parents who could not enroll this year because they were not aware of the registration date or were unable to admitted due to the sheer volume of applications.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your valuable comments. We will do our best to continue to serve you to the best of our ability.


Thank you for taking the time to read our comments,

Centre for Continuing Education, School of the Nations























Registration for primary summer program 2021 is closed.

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Give your children a fruitful and memorable summer by enrolling them in the summer program offered by the Centre for Continuing Education at the School of the Nations in Macau! The 4-week summer program provides students an excellent opportunity to learn with peers in a variety of classes and activities, designed and led by experienced SON teachers and staff members. 


Registration is open to students attending P1 to P6 in the upcoming September, whether enrolled at SON or other schools. 


We look forward to welcoming your children who will come away from this program with valuable skills and memories.